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San Juan — A high-profile bribery case has taken a shocking turn as the defence exposes significant flaws in the government's indictment against Mr. Herrera. The allegations of a bribery scheme involving Governor Pierluisi have been challenged, revealing a lack of evidence and weak connections between events. The defense argues that the government's attempt to create a narrative of corruption is unfounded and lacks solid proof. This sensational article examines the defence's claims, revealing a stunning revelation that could potentially unravel the entire case.

In a stunning revelation, the defence reveals that the government's indictment is built on a timeline of events orchestrated by the FBI and driven by individuals other than Mr. Herrera or Governor Pierluisi. The defense argues that these events culminated in a legal campaign donation, devoid of any agreement or knowledge on Governor Pierluisi's part.

The defense delivers a devastating blow to the government's case by exposing crucial flaws. They highlight that the only explicit references to a "bribe" in the indictment come from Mr. Fuentes, an FBI informant posing as someone with influence over Governor Pierluisi. Shockingly, there is no evidence indicating that Mr. Herrera or anyone acting on his behalf agreed to accept the proposed "bribe" or transferred the requested funds. The government's attempt to mislead by portraying a payment made later for a different amount as the culmination of the alleged scheme is deemed misleading.

To establish a bribery offense, the government must prove an explicit agreement to exchange money for an official act. The defense argues that the government's indictment fails to meet this standard and relies on speculation and implicit agreements, which are insufficient. They emphasize that the accused must have adequate notice of the charges to ensure their constitutional rights are protected.

The defense scrutinizes Counts 5, 6, and 7, asserting that they fail to allege an explicit quid pro quo, an essential element of the charged offenses. They claim that the government's reliance on inferences and circumstantial evidence falls short of the required legal standard. Such a weak foundation for establishing a fundamental element of the offense raises concerns about the grand jury process and jeopardizes the defendant's rights.

The defense concludes by stating that the indictment against Mr. Herrera lacks sufficient evidence and fails to establish the essential elements of the charged offenses. They argue that the government's attempt to construct a bribery scheme based on circumstantial evidence and speculation falls short of the required legal standards. The defense boldly calls for the dismissal of Counts 5, 6, and 7 to safeguard the defendant's constitutional rights and ensure a fair trial.

With these explosive revelations and the defense's scathing critique of the government's case, the high-profile bribery case has taken an unexpected turn. The validity of the charges hangs in the balance as the defense's arguments challenge the very foundation of the indictment. Will the court uphold the defense's claims and dismiss the charges, or will the government manage to salvage its case? The legal battle intensifies, and the truth behind the allegations remains shrouded in uncertainty. The world watches as this sensational trial unfolds, with the fate of the accused and the integrity of the justice system at stake

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Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat!
Julio Herrera Velutini has recently enlisted the services of Stryk Global Diplomacy



The Silent Banker: Vs Corruption
350 Suspicious Activity Reports were filed by Natalia I. Zequeira Díaz, OCIF Commissioner, against Bancredito! 
They found nothing credible!


"There is no evidence of a quid pro quo! Dismissal is Inevitable"
Puerto Rico Corruption Case: Julio Herrera Velutini Seeks Dismissal of Charges in Unison with Vazquez


Defence Team of Wanda Vázquez requests court to dismiss charges against her
The former governor is the first defendant in her case to argue the legal insufficiency of the charges brought against her for alleged bribery. 




Bancrédito Holding Corporation submits Verified Shareholder Derivative Complaint 
Action is brought against Defendant Frances Díaz, the Bank’s former President, CEO and former member of the Company’s Board of Directors, and Defendant María A. Domínguez-Victoriano


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